Alan Villiers Publications
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VILLIERS, A. J. (1924). To the frozen south. Hobart 1924
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[Tasmania], Davies Bros.

VILLIERS, A. (1925). Whaling in the frozen south,

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being the story of the 1923-24 Norwegian whaling

expedition to the Antarctic. Indianapolis, The Bobbs-

VILLIERS, A. J.(1928). The Wind Ship, Hurst & 1928
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Blackett, Ltd

VILLIERS, A. The truth about our fruit : the 1928
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Mercury's investigation in England, Hobart : Mercury

VILLIERS, A. J. (1929). Falmouth for orders; the story 1929
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of the last clipper ship race around Cape Horn. New

York, H. Holt and Co.

VILLIERS, A., & WALKER, R. G. (1930). By way of 1930
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Cape Horn. Charles Scribner's Sons,

VILLIERS, A. J. (1931). Vanished fleets : ships and 1931
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men of old Van Diemen's land. Garden City, N.Y.,

Garden City Pub. Co.

VILLIERS, A. (1931). Sea dogs of to-day. New York, 1931
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H. Holt.

VILLIERS, A. J. (1932). The sea in ships, the story of asailing ship's voyage round cape Horn. London, G. Routledge and sons ltd. 1932
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VILLIERS, A. (1933). Voyage of the Parma : the great grain race of 1932 from Australia to Falmouth by way of Cape Horn. London : Geoffrey Bles 1933
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VILLIERS, A., (1933). Grain race. New York, C. 1933
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Scribner's Sons.

VILLIERS, A. (1934). Last of the wind ships. New 1934
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York, W. Morrow.

VILLIERS, A., Pont, Charles E (1934). Whalers of the midnight sun; a story of modern whaling in the Antarctic. New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1934
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